Digital Technology in Surgery

TOKA Surgical Simulator is a digital suite of tools for surgeons to predict outcomes of High Tibia Osteotomy (HTO) to treat knee osteoarthritis (OA). Using novel virtual data_imaging and 3d_printing technologies surgeons can easily train, plan and perform virtual surgery and personalised treatments.

TOKA is an effective surgical solution for healthcare providers to change the patient-surgeon conversation from long term OA_ pain management to offering efficient HTO.

Virtual Training

TOKA_Surgical_Simulator aims to inform and train surgeons in high tibial osteotomy (HTO), a proven and cost-effective alternative to joint replacement for treating early-stage knee OA in active or young patients. Orthopaedic surgery is a craft speciality; virtual training aim to inform and educate medical professionals and students about the benefits of TOKA surgical hto.

TOKA Surgical Simulator provides a precise environment to visualise, plan and perform HTO surgical procedure to deliver personalised Patient experience.

Virtual Planning

High Tibia Osteotomy is a desirable treatment option for younger individuals as it preserves the natural joint, allowing patients to return to active lifestyles.
Knee surgeons, especially those still in training, are concerned about performing HTO procedures due the difficulty attaining the desired correction as well as the risk of potential complications related to damaging the complex anatomical structures around the knee joint.

Benefits for the Healthcare providers

  • Improved Patients outcomes
  • Cost efficiency in the existing NHS surgical contest
  • Reduced waiting time and Patient post-operative stay
  • Limit future healthcare’s financial commitments
  • Helps to increase surgeons’ skills and confidence