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What is TOKA?

Tailored Osteotomy for Knee Alignment (TOKA) is a novel High-Tibial Osteotomy solution. A precision engineered personalised treatment for knee pain due to osteoarthritis. Targeted at patients who are not yet suitable for full knee-replacement, to help live an active lifestyle.

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About TOKA

Offering unparalleled surgical experience with patient-specific knee treatment.

TOKA is a precision engineered personalised solution to knee pain, particularly designed for young patients suffering from knee arthritis but not yet suitable for partial or total Knee-Replacement. High-Tibial-Osteotomy (HTO) is a surgical treatment option for those patients, preserves the native joint by re-aligning the tibia and the weight/forces distribution, often the cause of major pain.

Current market solutions are very challenging, presenting several complications and can cause sensitivity and soft tissue irritation for patients due to the generic nature of the plate. TOKA simplifies the surgery by providing surgeons with an intuitive 3D planning environment to precisely achieve an optimised knee alignment with minimal risks for patients. Personalised implants may also provide better comfort and faster recovery.

Every patient is different and additive manufacturing technology enables the creation of patient specific implants designed to perfectly match the patients’ individual anatomy.  We can also provide medical grade resin anatomical models. The use of custom surgical guides improves surgical precision and reduces surgical time.

Our additive manufacturing technology delivers personalised healthcare because each patient deserves the very best treatment.

Joint preserving treatments for knee osteoarthritis

We involved surgeons and patients from the very beginning to help us clearly identify the problems with the current HTO surgical procedure and find the best possible solutions in an engineering sense, but also finding an appropriate technology given the existing resources and skills in the context of the current healthcare system. We obtained certification for our quality management system to produce the product and partnered with hospitals to obtain regulatory approval for the initial clinical trials.

TOKA® ecosystem

TOKA offers an unparalleled surgical experience with patient-specific knee treatment

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