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Artifex is Orthoscape’s leg osteotomy planning suite. Using planar weight-bearing lower limb x-rays (from DICOM or image), a surgeon can plan, annotate, measure, and preview the result of the surgery. Correction parameters can be automatically calculated.


Artifex allows a surgeon to easily plan lower leg osteotomies using a lower limb load-bearing x-ray. An x-ray image is imported (either directly from a DICOM file, or from an image file), the surgeon then annotates the anatomical landmarks, selects one or more osteotomies to perform, then finally selects the cutting planes and correction angles.

Artifex automatically calculates the pre- and post-operative anatomical parameters, including anatomical angles, Mickulicz distances and Hip-Knee-Ankle angles. Synthetic post-operative x-rays can also be created, so the surgeon can preview the results of the surgery.

Artifex is fully integrated with OrthoscapeConnect, our surgeon portal. This greatly simplifies interactions between the surgeons and Orthoscape, removing the need for complicated email chains or surgical plan version management.

Artifex is available in multiple languages, and for both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac desktop platforms.