Cranial Maxillo-Facial Implants


From the patient CT scan data we design and manufacture a comprehensive range of cranial maxillo-facial (CMF) implants and surgical guides for the repair and reconstruction of patients’ facial bones, namely cranial plates, mandibular bars, orbital floors, zygoma or maxilla implants.

Our CMF Implants & Surgical Guides

Every patient is different and additive manufacturing technology enables the creation of patient specific implants designed to perfectly match the patients’ individual anatomy. The use of custom surgical guides improves surgical precision and reduces surgical time.

Alongside the drilling and cutting guides we can also provide medical grade resin anatomical models. Using additive manufacturing technology we deliver personalised surgical treatment for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers.


  • Medical Grade Titanium
  • Medical Grade Resins
  • Steam Sterilisable
  • ISO:13485 Certified


  • Manufactured directly from the patient CT scan
  • Fast turnaround – 6 to 10 days delivery to hospital
  • More accurate surgery
  • Ideal for complex procedures
Medical Grade 3D Printed Materials

Medical Grade Surface Finishes

As printed, blasted finish

For Surgical Guides, all parts are provided with a Clean finish. Different finishes may be selected but this will be subject to a feasibility review.

Polished, blasted finish

Satin or Mirror finishes can be requested during the design or manufacture of components – please specify which surfaces require these when you order.

Polished, buffed finish

For hard tissue contacting surfaces, surface finishing is not recommended as it could affect the geometric accuracy of the implant surface, and the subsequent fitting.

From design confirmation to delivery in just over a week

What CMF Solutions do we Offer?