Innovation for the benefits of Patients and Healthcare Providers

TOKA is a precision engineered personalised solution to knee pain, particularly designed for young patients suffering from knee arthritis but not yet suitable for partial or total Knee-Replacement. High-Tibial-Osteotomy (HTO) is a surgical treatment option for those patients, preserves the native joint by re-aligning the tibia and the weight / forces distribution, often the cause of major pain. Current market solutions are very challenging, present several complications and causes patients’ soft tissue irritation due to the generic nature of the plate.

TOKA removes those complexities providing surgeons with an intuitive 3D planning environment to achieve precise intervention, optimum knee alignment with minimal risks for patients and personalised prosthesis for superior comfort and fast recovery.

TOKA HTO surgical combines 3D printing and data-imaging technologies for individual solution to knee osteoarthritis.

Personalised healthcare with additive manufacturing

A step change in personalised healthcare by integrating digital patient and 3D printed (titanium sintered) prosthesis based on individual anatomy.

TOKA can be considered as ideal in a younger demographic, particularly those individuals with greater activity demand, allowing more intense use in athletics or high impact activities.

Structurally optimised stabilising plate for maximum patient comfort and recovery

Social Impact

Knee osteoarthritis is the most common musculoskeletal disease in the world. The knee surgery burden on the healthcare providers will only increase as the population lives longer, seeks to be more active meaning that cost-effective solutions are vital to treat patients and ensure their quality of life is maintained.

While knee replacement is the preferred treatment for older patients (>65), the procedure is not always recommended for younger sufferers (40-65) as it has poorer clinical outcomes and escalating future revision costs.

High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is a treatment option for this group; preserving patient knee and restoring correct alignment with the support of a stabilising plate.

Given the impending social burden of increased demand for knee replacement, TOKA is a disruptive technology in terms of relieving patients from pain and the societal impact of knee osteoarthritis.

TOKA is a revolutionary knee preserving surgical technique, relieving patients from pain and the societal impact of knee OsteoArthritis.